A new concept of

no-code Artificial Intelligence.

All your AI applications in one place!

Simplify, speed up, and scale the use of high-level AI in your business with AI-OS, a no-code operating system, with ready-to-use models for multiple market segments, such as:


Smart City







AI models supported
by the platform

Accredited network

of installation points


sectors served


Ready for applications
using mobile networks

High Level

High reliability and availability hardware

AI-OS: the no-code Artificial Intelligence app
that truly transforms your business!

How does AI-OS work?

AI Models

1º Connect sensors

Connect your cameras, RFID, temperature sensors, vibration sensors, or one of the many types supported by AI-OS.

2º Build your AI app

Use our no-code web platform to build your models from scratch, or start with one of our ready-made recipes. Configure your inputs, AI models, and output routes easily and quickly.

3º Monitor and update

Send your app to dozens of Edge Devices in the field with one click. Collect data to re-train your models, and monitor your fleet from anywhere in the world through an intuitive interface.

High-quality AI in a model that favors scalability

reliable AI models. Utilize Computer Vision technologies, developed for the most modern and innovative companies in the world – such as autonomous vehicle and drone manufacturers – located in Silicon Valley.
Or, integrate your own customized model to address specific use cases. Tackle each challenge in an accessible way, with a single, reliable technology provider! Check out more benefits of this software:

Combine agility and security, through edge computing and the cloud, to manage your applications from anywhere.

Free yourself from the burden of your internal networks with AI-OS edge processing and keep only the generated results on your servers.

Deploy easily, quickly, and completely, from hardware to the availability of analysis on the dashboard, worldwide.

Monitor the performance of your AI models and the health of your devices in real time and receive alerts about any irregularities.

An AI software unlike anything you've seen in the market

Think of AI-OS as the AI command center for your business. With it, your business will have access to high-quality technology at a reasonable cost, far beyond what is currently available in the sector.

Pay for inspection points, not for the Artificial Intelligence application used.
Pay less as you have more inspection points (regressive pricing table).
Don't worry about maintenance. We take care of that for you!
Need to build a more specific AI model? We can help you with that!

Check out AI-OS in action in one of its many use cases.

We work with global hardware leaders to ensure that you have access to the latest and most powerful cutting-edge computing available globally.

We recognize that each client has unique needs. Whether it’s the use of a specialized sensor or a particular use case, our team is prepared to develop custom integrations for you.

Our platform is versatile, connecting with all types of sensors, such as: Vibration Sensors, RFID, ONVIF Cameras – a global standard for the IP camera industry –, Industrial Cameras – for more demanding environments and specific requirements –, and Internet of Things (IoT) Sensors – ensuring integration with leading IoT devices in the market.

Ready-to-use AI applications. There are so many we can't list them all here.

Security and
operation monitoring

Traffic analysis and license plate reading

Quality audit at warehouse exits

Volumetric and
label reading

Monitoring the status
of cargo loading

Defect detection on reflective surfaces

Automatic inventory
by image

Strategic AI solutions
for retail

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